3 Ways Fish Oil Can Benefit Your Health



  1. Balanced Blood Sugar: An off-kilter blood sugar causes intense mood swings and increases risk of diabetes development. Taking fish oil supplements daily can level out your blood sugar, to decrease these risks.
  2. Better Brain: Fish oil supplements increase DHA levels in the brain, for improved brain function.
  3. Heart Strength: Fish oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, proven to decrease inflammation in the body. Our hearts work harder to clear toxins from our bodies when we suffer from inflammation, so decreased inflammation levels means a happier, healthier heart.


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  1. SILVANA says

    How can we get a safe and good fish oil that we can trust. There is no FDA approved and there are plenty in the market. I’ve even bought Vegan Omega 3 supplements, however, I don’t know if the algae is from Ocean that might have Mercury or Farm grown.

    Any advise?

        • Dr. Steven Masley says

          As long as they are good quality, both are great. Liquid is often about 20% cheaper, if you are willing to take it by the spoonful. I find gel caps more convenient.
          Steven Masley, MD

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