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Great flavors for your palate and the curry spices, vegetables, and yogurt are terrific for your brain. This recipe is a sample from my new book, The Better Brain Solution, Knopf Publishing.

Prep Time: 30-40 minutes

Serves: Two


1 pound               Chicken thighs, deboned and cut into strips (organic-fed, cage-free)

2 Tbsp                  Macadamia nut oil (ok to substitute almond or avocado oil)

½ medium            Red onion, cut into long thin slices

2 Tbsp                  Curry powder

1 tsp                     Paprika, ground

¼ tsp                    Cayenne pepper, ground (1/8 to ½ tsp to your taste)

1 tsp                     Ginger, ground (or 1 Tbsp fresh ginger grated)

¼ tsp                    Sea salt

¼ tsp                    Ground black pepper

½ medium           Head of cauliflower, cut into bit sized pieces

1 cup                    Peas (frozen or fresh, shelled)

½ cup                   Chicken stock (organic)

1 cup                    Plain organic yogurt (2% or full fat)

¼ cup                   Fresh cilantro, chopped (or parsley)


Heat a sauté pan to medium-high heat, add 1 Tbsp of oil, add chicken and cover pan, stirring occasionally until all sides are lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Remove chicken and place in a holding bowl. Add the second tablespoon of oil and saute onion with curry spices, paprika, ginger, salt and pepper for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add cauliflower, cover, and heat another 3-4 minutes until cauliflower is al dente. Reduce heat to medium-low, stir in cooked chicken, peas, and stock and simmer 4-5 minutes, until chicken is cooked. Turn off heat, stir in yogurt, and garnish with cilantro and serve.


Steven Masley, MD