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Many experts have said you can’t consume certain foods, even if the evidence shows them to be highly beneficial.

Pic 2 Let’s start with FAT!

For years, people have said to avoid fat, but it turns out we need fat! Specific SMART FAT are clearly beneficial for your health; avoiding them worsens inflammation and healthy hormone balance. Tune in for the www.smartfat.com for much more information on why you should eat more smart fats as well as why grass-fed meat and organic dairy are neutral, not harmful.


Next, let’s talk about the magical fruit, BEANS.

Many paleo proponents say you can’t eat beans. Well, that is just silly. Beans are high in fiber, B vitamins, protein, and nutrients.

Beans are the highest anti-oxidant (anti-aging) food ever tested.

Eating more beans improves both your blood sugar and cholesterol profile, and they also decrease cancer risk.

Proponents say they are high in lectins that “tear up your guts”. Indeed, 5-10% of people do have gastro-intestinal distress when they eat beans. But you can get around this by soaking dry beans and swapping out the water over a couple days, then cooking them—thereby removing most of those lectins. Yes beans can cause gas, but studies have shown that if you eat small amounts of beans every day, they are much better tolerated. The worst scenario would be eat 2 cups of chili once per month after avoiding all beans—that might get you sent from the bedroom to the couch for the night. I recommend to eat small amounts of beans every day.



Why you should consume whey protein?

You hear people say you can’t eat any dairy, well I agree that likely 10-15% of people are dairy protein intolerant, and when they have dairy protein they get joint aches, brain fog, rashes, or sinus problems. But likely 85-90% of people tolerate whey protein just fine. As a chef, whey protein has a much better taste and texture (mouth feel) than rice-pea-potato protein powders—it tastes better.

Whey protein has more branched-chain amino acids that help you build muscle mass to look sexy.  

So if you tolerate whey protein, I highly recommend it; I don’t believe everyone needs to give up those benefits.

Now milk is a different story. Milk (which includes ice cream!) has lactose (milk sugar) and 80% of the planet is lactose intolerant. Likely everyone should avoid milk and ice cream. If you can tolerate milk, I think plain, unsweetened yogurt is a great food, too.

Yogurt is a terrific source of protein, calcium, and probiotics for your gut.

I hope this helps you to make the best choices for your health.
Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS