The Mediterranean Method book

Your Complete Plan to Harness the Power of the Healthiest Diet on the Planet-- Lose Weight, Prevent Heart Disease, and More!

A fresh approach to the Mediterranean diet that focuses on low-glycemic foods that benefit the heart, brain, gut, and microbiome.

From southern Italy, Sardinia and France to Spain, Greece, and Northern Africa the Mediterranean region is synonymous with sparkling blue waters and clear blue skies. It’s also home to most of the world’s longest-lived and vibrantly healthy people. Now we know why! Repeatedly ranked the #1 diet by U.S. News and World Report, the Mediterranean eating style–abundant seafood, vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts; lots of olive oil; a wide variety of herbs and spices; and even dark chocolate and red wine–has been scientifically proven to maintain a healthy gut and healthy weight, thereby reducing your risk for heart disease, dementia and memory loss, and many cancers in the process. 


Taking this famously healthy and life-enhancing “prescription” one step further, Dr. Steven Masley–renowned physician, nutritionist, bestselling author, and trained chef–offers all the flavors and benefits of the Mediterranean diet, but with a “skinny” twist: he focuses on delicious ingredients with a low-glycemic load. Including more than 50 recipes for food everyone at the table will love–from hearty breakfasts, crowd-pleasing appetizers, soups, and sides, to family-style salads, memorable main meals, and irresistible desserts–The Mediterranean Method is a revolutionary program for losing weight and maintaining the amazing health you regain. Slim down, protect your heart, your brain, and your healthy longevity–all while you enjoy the amazing bounty, variety, and joy of Mediterranean cooking!

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What experts are saying about The Mediterranean Method book!

“You can’t lose when you get your eating plan from a trained chef who also happens to be an incredible physician and nutrition expert! Dr. Steven Masley’s Mediterranean Method uses smart science and mouthwatering recipes to create a healthy weight-loss protocol that you can actually stick to long-term. Bonus: you’re protecting your brain and heart health in the process.”
JJ Virgin

New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet

“We all need to get back to what has worked for the Mediterranean peoples for centuries. This book is a great place to start and a genuine must-read! It’s a superb, comprehensive, and easy-to-read book on nutritional healing.”
Stephen T. Sinatra, MD

Author of The Sinatra Solution

“If you want to protect your heart, brain, and gut health all while losing weight, this is the book for you. The program detailed in this innovative book is easy to follow, and—most important—deliciously satisfying.”
Daniel G. Amen, MD

Founder of Amen Clinics and author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

“The next best thing to actually living there, The Mediterranean Method gives you all of the flavors and ingredients of the healthiest region in the world, but none of the deprivation you might associate with a ‘diet.’ Dr. Masley is an expert clinician, physician and foodie, ensuring that his plan will deliciously improve the lives of all!”
Anna Cabeca, DO

Author of The Hormone Fix

“Dr. Masley makes eating well easy and enjoyable. My favorite ‘Method’ recipe is one you might not associate with Mediterranean cuisine: the breakfast shake. It’s a phenomenally delicious and nutritious way to start the day. You’ll be able to find the ingredients of his plan anywhere, and with his clear explanations and authoritative instructions, he’ll make you feel like a gourmet chef!”
Robyn Openshaw, MSW, LCSW

Founder of GreenSmoothieGirl and bestselling author of Vibe and The Green Smoothies Diet

“Leveraging the very best in nutritional science . . . Dr. Masley has truly created the Mediterranean diet ‘2.0’ and skillfully guides the reader through its implementation.”
David Perlmutter, MD

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Wash

About Steven Masley, MD


Through his bestselling books, successful clinic, PBS programs, thriving online community, and educational outreach, Dr. Masley inspires a new generation of enlightened and empowered health care consumers to take control of their health through knowledge and direct, intentional participation in the care they receive.

His practical approach toward educating consumers about their health, treatment options, nutritional regiments and scientific research provides a roadmap for thousands of individuals to achieve optimal health, and live life to its fullest potential.

Dr. Steven Masley