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This is a new section we have added to our site.  We will be filling it with new recipes every week, so please check back frequently for more.  Feel free to browse or use the search bar below to search our favorite recipes. 

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Chicken Curry

Great flavors for your palate and the curry spices, vegetables, and yogurt are terrific for your brain. This recipe is a sample from my new book, The Better Brain Solution, Knopf Publishing. Prep Time: 30-40 minutes Serves: Two Ingredients: 1 pound              ...

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The classic Slavic winter soup—delicious, hearty, and colorful. Nearly all borscht served in Russia has beef and makes a meal, but typically in western countries, we make a vegetarian version and serve before the main dish. I’m sharing the...

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Eggs are back on the menu and they aren’t just for breakfast. Cage-free, organically-fed eggs contain smart fats that are good for your brain, and they do not worsen your cholesterol profile—turns out that outdated claim was a myth. A tasty frittata works for any...

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Cioppino (Italian Seafood Stew)

This is a favorite meal in our home for company, and it will nourish your heart and brain as it is loaded with healthy nutrients. Ensure you buy very fresh fish and shellfish. Vary vegetables and seafood according to availability. Preparation Time: 20 minutes...

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Salmon Spread

One of the easiest ways to eat more salmon is to serve salmon spread.  This is quick and easy to prepare, and super nourishing for our brain and heart. This is far better than tuna spread is this healthier version which is delicious as a side dish, or served with a...

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