I first went to Dr. Masley 3 years ago. I was overweight, and was taking 5 medications for high blood pressure. I had been a runner my whole life but had lost the energy to run anymore. With Dr. Masley’s guidance I made a complete lifestyle change, I didn’t go on a diet, I changed what I ate. I lost two to three pounds a week, while eating more than I ever had. I regained my energy to work out and my weight stabilized at my college weight. I take 1/5th of the BP medication I was on. My fitness test proved I had exceeded his 10 years younger goals. Dr. Masley’s program literally saved my life.

Mike Smith


WOW! I lost 30 pounds, I have the best lipid profile of my life, and all of my aging factors have improved greatly. Much of that is due to Dr. Masley’s nutrition advice and coaching for my exercise routine. Now, it looks like I will actually live long enough to retire. Thank you Dr. Masley, not only for your coaching but also for your continuous excellent health care.

Bill Sanders

Vice Chairman, Kforce Professional Staffing

I had the opportunity to have a complete physical exam by Dr. Steven Masley. I can truly say that my life totally changed after that event. He has been the only doctor that tests everything, from the mind, to the diet, and ending with physical stamina. I did not even know that I was sick. It had just become my everyday living. Dr. Masley took time, asked questions, analyzed my test results and studied my family history. He found that I had Celiac disease, an auto-immune condition where I cannot eat wheat, rye, or barley. Both my mother and grandfather had rectal cancer and had to wear bags. They probably did not know that they had this condition. With this program, I now eat totally different which resulted in my losing 40 pounds. I now have the energy to be one of the top competitors in Pro-Am Ballroom. I look and feel ten years younger, even winning in the younger age category!

Sharon Strickler Sanchez