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If you’re like me, you may not have put a lot of thought into the impact that our laundry products have on our homes, bodies, and the environment.

After all, if there’s an entire aisle at the store full of “trusted brands”, they must be safe, right?

Unfortunately, the more I research this topic, the assumption that laundry detergent is safe may be deadWRONG.

Recently, I’ve had the eye-opening experience of getting to know the team behind MyGreenFills – an amazing company with a MASSIVE mission to change the way we think about and do our laundry.

In the time that I’ve known Stephen and his company MyGreenFills, I’ve learned some truly eye-opening facts about the impact that mainstream laundry products have on our health, and these stats are just too important not to share.

DID YOU KNOW that conventional laundry products are one of the highest contributors of household toxicity?

Here’s why…

  • Every minute of your life, (outside of showering) your skin is in constant contact with your clothing, bedding, towels and beyond…
  • +90% of store-bought laundry products are scientifically engineered to leave a chemical cocktail on your fabrics.
  • These chemicals are now in full contact with your skin (the largest organ of your body) all the time. Many of these chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, respiratory issues, and even cancer.

MyGreenFills is on a mission to change the industry by offering refillable laundry jugs made with plant-based, non-toxic ingredients that work better than the store-bought blue goo.

So my wife, Nicole, and I had a deep discussion about avoiding toxins in our home and we decided to try their products.

Now, for full disclosure, I have not been very picky about laundry detergent, and truthfully Nicole (my wife) does at least 90% of the laundry in our home. She is super selective about laundry products. So I was pretty amazed that my wife really liked the “quality” of MyGreenFills product.

Their natural detergent was easy to use, the clothes come out clean, and they feel nice on our skin, By using these products, we are exposed to far less toxins, and it is environmentally friendly.

The products are so good that Nicole ordered extras for her sisters, and we are even taking detergent with us to Europe for our summer sailing trip next month.

Pretty cool, right?

BUT WAIT, it gets even better…


What is not to like? Non-toxic, eco-friendly laundry products that show up at my door, on my schedule, at a fraction of the cost of other “eco” brands and get my clothes cleaner? I’m SOLD!

Do the right thing for your health, your family, and the environment by joining MyGreenFills today for FREE.

See for yourself… I had the pleasure to interview the founder of MyGreenFills, Stephen Ezell. Click here to watch MyGreenFills interview.

I wish you the best of health!

Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS