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As you might guess, mainstream or “big brand” laundry products are LOADED with toxins.

In fact, there are OVER 16,000 research studies on sodium lauryl sulfate (just ONE of many toxic ingredients common in laundry detergent)…

… showing it can cause irritation of the skin and eyes, organ toxicity, reproductive issues, neurotoxicity, hormone disruption, cellular damage, and even cancer.

Here’s why this is so important for you and your family:

  • Every minute of your life, (outside of showering) your skin is in contact with your clothing, bedding, towels and beyond… 
  • +90% of store-bought laundry products are loaded with not one, but DOZENS of toxic chemicals
  • These chemicals are now in full contact with your skin (the largest organ of your body) all the time.

So given all this, why isn’t everyone ditching the chemicals and using non-toxic products?

Simple: most “natural” or eco-friendly products simply DON’T WORK — certainly not as well as the big brands.

Luckily, a company called MyGreenFills is changing that story — making the first non-toxic line of laundry products that clean better than the major retail brands. I met the company president Stephen, through my mastermind group, and was very happy to get to know such a committed and nice person with a mission to help us avoid one of the most common toxins in our homes.

You can learn more about their revolutionary mission and get your 1st 50 LOADS FREE 

So, my wife Nicole and I had a deep discussion about avoiding toxins in our home (and on our sailboat) and we have been using their products for nearly one year.

To be completely honest, in the past I have not been very picky about laundry detergent and truthfully, Nicole does 90% of the laundry in our household. She is super selective about laundry products so I was pretty amazed that she really liked the “quality” of MyGreenFills products and immediately started using them.

MyGreenFills uses natural detergent that is easy to use, the clothes come out clean, and they feel nice on our skin. They are shipped in concentrated form which saves in shipping costs. By using these products, we are exposed to far fewer toxins (especially by not using commercial dryer sheets), and it is environmentally friendly, which is even more important when you are living on a boat.

The products are so good that Nicole brought them on our trip to Europe; and considering that our baggage allowance flying here was limited, bringing them says a great deal.

And here is the other great thing about MyGreenFills:

Their products aren’t just non-toxic AND effective… the company is also committed to protecting the environment and planet on a deeper level.

This is why they offer REFILLABLE laundry jugs — which you use over and over again, along with their refillable plant-based, non-toxic packets of rinse, wash, dry and more — all of which work better than the chemical stuff.


  • Free “last jug you’ll ever own” – guaranteed for life
  • Free lifetime shipping* (International rates apply)
  • Choose your next refill shipment in 30 or 60 days
  • Easily modify anything, anytime – in under a minute

50 Loads of Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent, including No Shipping Costs for $0.00!

It’s literally $0.00 when you purchase any laundry product. (No minimum $ amount either).


1 product for $14 each

3 products for $12 each

5 products for $9 each

Just CLICK HERE to get your toxic-free products today!

There are also some amazing deals + bonus goodies once you start shopping.  

Bottom line: this is by far the BEST non-toxic laundry solution I’ve ever come across.

It truly takes all the hassle (and chemicals!) out of doing laundry, forever.

I wish you the best of health!

Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS


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