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Over the years I have learned the obstacles that keep my patients from staying on a good supplement plan. My goal is to help them overcome these obstacles and ensure that they meet their critical nutrient needs.

Without a customized plan, 85% of the patients I see have major nutrient deficiencies that impact their risk for heart disease, memory loss, cancer, and bone loss. These deficiencies impact their energy and quality of life. A deficiency in vitamin D by itself can increase the risk for a fatal cancer by more than 50%.

So here is what I have learned to help my patients succeed in meeting their daily nutrient needs: Start with a simple plan that meets your needs, and offer an on-line recurring order system to ensure you don’t have to think about getting more when you run out.

Some of the biggest reasons people stop taking their supplements relate to three factors: convenience, excessive pill counts, and cost.

Focus on quality, not quantity. More is not always better but good quality is essential. When taking supplements, you need to focus on your basic daily needs and give yourself the best absorbable and clean product so your body can receive the most benefit. You will compensate for the extra cost of buying a quality supplement by no longer taking products that have not been shown to nourish you.

Choosing to take too many pills initially often ends up in pill-taking fatigue later on. You are better off if you prioritize and focus on meeting your essential needs, not trying to take everything possible under the sun.

Offer an affordable option for all. If cost is a major issue for you, try to get most of your nutrients from good, healthy food and supplement with at least a quality multivitamin with extra vitamin D, vitamin B12, plus be sure the food you eat provides you with adequate magnesium, vitamin K, and long chain omega-3 fats (as in fish oil). Yet be sure to take a supplement for magnesium, vitamin K, and fish oil if you can’t realistically meet your needs with food.

My goal is to help you meet your basic nutrient needs, and most people need at a minimum to take a two-pill multivitamin with adequate B12, vitamin D, plus 1-2 capsules of a well-absorbed form of magnesium.

To make it easier, more accessible and affordable to my patients, I’ve coordinated with Designs for Health, the high-quality supplement company I use most often, to provide a direct link for ordering with free shipping. To get you started, you get 20% off your first order.  Go here, click login and create an account then on the cart page enter coupon code FIRST20 for 20% off your 1st order.

My Brain and Heart Support pack and my Joint Support pack (the pack I personally take daily), are also available on the site here.

If you are looking for some other popular supplement products, such as a gluten digestive enzyme, probiotics, or heavy metal detox support, you can find the links for them all listed here: www.drmasley.com/store.

My ultimate goal is to help you achieve optimal health for decades to come, and that starts with meeting your essential nutrient requirements. First by eating the proper foods, and then to supplement as needed with the appropriate support. I hope these links will make it easy for you to meet your needs now and into the future.

I wish you the best of health!

Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS

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