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It’s not just professional and it’s not just that I want you to feel better, or that it’s the number one cause of death. It’s also personal in my life. I’ve had a loved one affected by heart disease, his name was Chuck. Growing up, my parents got divorced, and we had a step-dad. Chuck was there for me all the time. He was a great guy for my sisters and it was wonderful having someone I really liked in my life, and he was funny.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 6.26.57 PMThe problem happened right after he retired. Chuck had glorious plans for his retirement, and then he got chest pains. They took him to the hospital and performed a procedure. He suffered a massive stroke when they catheterized him to look at his heart. He went blind and couldn’t feed or dress himself. He suffered, it was awful, and he was dying. I felt terrible, why didn’t I do more? The truth is that Chuck had always said “My doctor gave me a clean bill of health, I’m set, thank you very much” and didn’t push it further.

I didn’t have the tools back then to really make a difference, but now I do. When Chuck was in a coma and dying, my Mom asked me if I wanted to say goodbye to him. Well, of course I did! I flew out to see him, and he sat up from the coma he had been in for a week. He took me by the hand, and he said, “Don’t let this happen to others.”

That really changed my whole career. From that time on I’ve been determined to give you the best plan that will make a difference in your life so you don’t get heart disease and you don’t have to suffer. My plan is designed so that you and your family can have a life of wonder, joy and love, and this will never happen again. We can prevent 90% of heart disease with the tools I’ve discovered and that I’m sharing with you today.

Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP